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Marigold or Marigold Flower is a bright color variety of Wholesale Flowers that adds bright tones and definition to your Wedding Flowers and Wedding Bouquets. As far as the bloom itself, it is probably one of the most recognized blooms all around the world. It’s beautiful shades of gold and orange gives it a position that not many other varieties can fulfill. The shape of their heads has a pom pom appearance and is often used in many ceremonies around the world. In Mexico, for instance, they are used a lot in Day of the Dead ceremonies. They can be used in weddings for many things, like decorating backs of chairs, floral arches and floral walls. You can also use the heads as floating blooms for water. Other ideas are floral crowns and for table runners. They match with fuchsia, bright pink, maroon, and greenery. It gives a spirited presentation.